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amber khan amazon bestselling author
Amber Khan at startup weekend london

But the Fact is:

  • You don't want to be another 'me too' business in your market. 
  • You don't want to compete on price because once you do, you'll be forever forced to lower them even further (until you are out of business)!
  • You don't want to beg your parents, Facebook friends or God forbid your neighbours to buy your stuff (like a sleazy sales-man from the 80's)
  • You don't want to come across desperate (like sharing bikini-clad model images for promoting your product/service which has nothing to do with bikinis or women 😉

What You Need is A Competitive Advantage


  • It is not (just) about having something to sell
  • It is not (just) about having the right skills or experiences to talk about something
  • It is not (just) about sprucing up your website with shiny objects or images


  • You MUST learn to differentiate... to help you stand-out from your competition
  • You MUST sell your prospects what they want and which fulfils their desired end result
  • You MUST communicate the positioning of your product or service that hooks the prospect into taking a required action a.k.a Subscriber ==> Buyer ==> Repeat Buyer

Ta daaa... That’s Where I Come In!

I help the lost, stuck or somewhat confused; differentiate and stand-out from their competition  (like Donald Trump's toupee... oops combover)! 

Yes, Sometimes Things CAN Be As Simple As This!

amber khan

Who Me? Yes You. Not Me? Then Who? 

I am Amber Khan.

Born in 1979, in Sydney (Australia), at the exact moment when the Skylab (US space station, abandoned by NASA) crashed on Western Australia's south east coast. It was sensational news at that time. All major newspapers around the world reported the lights, the sonic boom and the fuss that followed. Well, about the crash of course (and not my birth). Although, my parents say that my birth had the same effect on their life (first the lights, the sonic boom and then the fuss that followed), holds true to this day 😉 The doctor who delivered me, named me 'The Skylab Baby'. Thankfully, my parents also decided to give me a REAL name, Amber. 

I'm the founder of GroBizNiz and Guilt Free Living. Have also authored a, #1 Amazon Bestseller (yes little old me, who'd have thought, right?)

I am a slightly cuckoo-in-the-head Mama of 3, a sports enthusiast and an adrenaline junkie (much to my husband's discontent). But it has its perks as, I use that passion to raise money for various charities. 

I have used the science of competitive advantage to...

Build landing pages that convert at 50%+

Establish additional passive streams of income

Reach bestseller on Amazon within 48 hours of the book launch, amassing over 11k Kindle downloads!

In reality...

I'm a Web System Strategist. I help small businesses Capture their Prospects Attention, Retain it and then Convert it into Real Subscribers and Moolah in the bank, using the science of Competitive Advantage. 

Before that, (and it seems like zonkies years ago), I was a cubicle monkey at HSBC Global Bank. Other less known facts about me are that I’m a dark chocolate binger, an adrenaline junkie and a Game of Thrones addict (no judgments please ;-).

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