Would You Like Me to Get You New Patients/Bookings for Your Dental Practice, for Free?

Watch the video below where I show you exactly how we would map out a marketing campaign for a dental practice, using Facebook ads. You can literally take that plan and implement it yourself if you so wish to and I won't even hold it against you!

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Why Do We Do All Of This
Without Charge? 

The reason why we do this is because this is how we attract our best private clients. 
Rather than on trying to "sell" you on how great our company is, we would prefer ​to actually show you by allowing you to experience the value we bring.

Now a couple of outcomes can happen:

​1. We are unable to get you any new patients or bookings (highly unlikely), in that case you don't owe us a dime and we part our ways. 
2. You gain new patients or bookings because of our marketing efforts and continue to use our help to bring in new patients very month on month, for fraction of a cost, in comparison to the lifetime value of that patient. That's why I'm doing this. I want to show you value first and let our experience dictate your next step.

However... There Is A Small Catch... 

You must meet a certain criteria. This is to ensure that we are a right match for each other. Here it is:

  • You are the owner or the decision maker 
  • You must be able to invest a minimum of £1500/mth in our fee + the Facebook Ad budget (a minimum of £150-200/mth).
  • You must be willing to provide us with relevant images/videos/story/ethos of yourself/staff/practice, for marketing purposes, in timely manner. 

What People Are Saying...

Matthew Modisett Director Financial Guard 

Amber is an original thinker but leads with her heart. She makes emotional needs fun to think about and to follow up on. In the end, she simply knows how to get people enthused and ready to go.

Amber is definitely the lady who talks the talk but more importantly walks the walk. A mother and a business woman, she has recognised the importance of balance and wellbeing in these areas. A business and lifestyle mentor other mothers should turn to. 

Angela Harkness Founder High Heelers

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