Buyer Attraction: 7 Steps to Identifying A Group of People Who Want Exactly What You Are Selling

(Without Filling Out Multi-page Customer Identification Templates, Surveying Your Entire Neighbourhood or Interviewing Your Unborn Child)! 

3 REASONS why you can NOT afford to miss getting your hands, fists or talons on this CHEATSHEET:

  • How knowing this will answer your prospects questions even, before they ask (like Darren Brown reading people's mind, only without magic)!
  • Why businesses end up marketing to the wrong audience and why knowing this will get you in front of the right crowd (like managing to get the molten chocolate cake all perfectly gooey in the middle, on your first attempt) 
  • The one thing that takes less than 5 minutes but will ensure you are selling exactly what your audience wants (like a cotton candy seller stood outside the front gates of a school at home time)

(Your secrets, stories and emails are safe with me)

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Developed and Delivered by Amber Khan

amber khan

Founder of

I’m a Conversion Strategist and I help take your product launch tech worries away. Before that, (and it seems like zonkies years ago), I was a cubicle  monkey at HSBC Global Bank. Other less known facts about me are that I’m a dark chocolate binger, an adrenaline junkie and a Game of Thrones addict (oh, judge all you like)!

I've been in business for over 12 years and what a roller coaster of a ride it has been. Some ideas were a super flop whereas, others were a game-changer. But with each experience I sharpened my tech skills (more so than others), alongside business strategy and online marketing. 

It is only after that, I started to see results like: 

Became an International Bestselling Author within 48 hours of the book launch.

Worked with 50+ people.

Over 11k Kindle downloads of my book (excluding hard copy sales), within 5 days of the launch.

Helped my client B nail his positioning within 30min of working together.

Helped my client P totally overhaul his business strategy after going through Smart Positioning Method training, resulting in more business in less time.  

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